WP Database Abstraction must write to the wp-content/fields_map.parsed_types.php file located at D:/webapps/openhouse/wp-content/fields_map.parsed_types.phpEither the file does not exist, or the webserver cannot write to the file

Installation and Upgrade Instructions for Wordpress Database Abstraction Plugin

The WP-DB-Abstraction Plugin can only be installed as a Must Use plugin. This means that updates and installations must be performed manually and cannot be done using the Plugin Administration area of your wordpress site.


  1. Always back up your database before beginning an upgrade or install. If you are migrating from MySQL to SQL Server, make sure export your database information as xml.
  2. Download the latest version of the plugin from the plugin directory
  3. Unzip the files
  4. Find your wp-content folder. The default location is wordpress/wp-content Make sure this directory is writeable by your webserver
  5. Put the wp-db-abstraction directory and the wp-db-abstraction.php that you unzipped into wp-content/mu-plugins If the mu-plugins directory does not exist, please create it first. It should be parallel to your "themes" and "plugins" directories in wp-content. If you already had the plugin installed, simply overwrite any existing files in this directory.
  6. Open up wp-content/mu-plugins/wp-db-abstraction . There should be a file called db.php. Copy that file from its current location into wp-content . It should now be located in the same place as your mu-plugins directory, your plugins directory, and your themes directory. If you had the plugin installed previously, simply overwrite the existing db.php file. If you have a db.php file from a different plugin you'll need to rename the old db.php ($pluginname-db.php for example), copy the new db.php file from wp-db-abstraction to the wp-content directory, open the db.php file in a text editor and add include '$pluginname-db.php'; to the bottom of the new db.php file.
  7. If you are migrating from MySQL to SQL Server or this is a new installation please visit $your_wordpress_url/wp-content/mu-plugins/wp-db-abstraction/setup-config.php to generate your wp-config.php. Then follow the regular Wordpress installation steps. If you are migrating, you may then import the xml data you exported in step one using the Wordpress Administration Area.
  8. Make sure you have a file called fields_map.parsed_types.php in your wp-content directory after installation. The plugin will not function correctly without this file. If your wp-content directory was not writeable or some other error kept this file from being generated, you may copy the fields_map.parsed_types.example-3.2.1.php file from wp-content/mu-plugins/wp-db-abstraction to wp-content and rename it to fields_map.parsed_types.php